Kwandwe Ecca Lodge | Kwandwe Game Reserve

A very comfortable and really well maintained property. There are six rooms.

main lobby

Personal Impression

I would put this property on par with Kings Camp or just a little better not a Royal Malewane or Lion Sands Ivory Lodge but very comfortable and very well maintained.


luxurious oversized room

Huge rooms, lots of space and nicely decorated with full wraparound decks overlooking the valley and floor to ceiling windows all around. Large bathrooms with double-sinks, a HUGE shower and bathtub and an enclosed toilet. There are three rooms on each side of the lodge so this helps to keep no one from being too far away from the main lodge. There is also a plunge pool on the deck.

bathroom deck with private pool huge shower

Public Rooms, Spa and Dining

The main lodge is very nice. It has an interactive kitchen where things are prepared and also a kitchen in the back. The dining room is off the kitchen and they have a nice library and bar area too. There is a big swimming pool with a wide deck area. The Property Manager was around all the time and the staff were alway smiling and singing softly in the kitchen. Overall there was a happy, relaxed, and comfortable feel.

When we were there the food was very good. In fact, after one Kingklip fish meal, I hugged the chef in the kitchen. They cooked me a rack of lamb as a special order and it was excellent. There were interesting and different breakfast choices, as well. We never had lunch at this camp as we were always out checking the surrounding camps.

open BLT breakfast sandwich bar lounge area breakfast choices with yogurt parfaits


There is internet access in the rooms. It can be spotty but at least it is there.

Website: Kwandwe Ecca Lodge