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Keene Luxury Travel Featured Voyages for 2019


Every voyage escorted by one of the following Keene Luxury Travel Staff members offer
(if booked with Keene Luxury Travel):

Susan Walsh

Hosted by Susan Walsh

Seven Seas Navigator, Jan 4-24, 2019

Los Angeles to Papeete | 20-Nights

Bora Bora in Bloom

$500 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Penny Stafford

Hosted by Penny Stafford

Seven Seas Explorer, Mar 9-25, 2019

Los Angeles to Miami | 16-Nights

Mexican Riviera to Panama Canal

$500 KLT Shipboard Credit, plus $200 Signature Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Julie Harris

Hosted by Julie Harris

Seven Seas Voyager, Jun 25-Jul 2, 2019

Monte Carlo to Barcelona | 7-Nights

A Rose Summer

$400 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Nancy Golden

Hosted by Nancy Golden

Seven Seas Voyager, Oct 8-18, 2019

Rome to Barcelona | 10-Nights

Cobblestones and Castles

$400 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Denise Delashaw

Hosted by Denise Delashaw

Seven Seas Mariner, Oct 22-Nov 1, 2019

Miami to Miami | 10-Nights

Bahamian Breezes

$400 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Linda Litteken

Hosted by Linda Litteken

Seven Seas Mariner, Nov 1-16, 2019

Miami to Lima | 15-Nights

Paradise to Machu Picchu

$500 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Clay Keene

Hosted by Clay Keene

Seven Seas Explorer, Dec 7-17, 2019

Miami to Miami | 10-Nights

Island Living

$400 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin

Jennifer Bullock

Hosted by Jennifer Bullock

Seven Seas Navigator, Dec 23, 2019

Papeete to Papeete | 11-Nights

South Pacific Sunsets

$400 Shipboard Credit Per Cabin