Jao Camp - Okavango Delta - Botswana

Personal Impression

When driving in from the airstrip you feel as if you are in the Caribbean not Africa. As you cross over a bridge made of logs constructed to cover the water that surrounds this area, you see the Palm trees, white sand, amount of bird life and the water. You know you are experiencing something truly unique. The best word to describe the camp itself is Zen like. The rooms are really beautiful, the camp has a really peaceful and out of this world ambiance. The property decor was influenced by an artist who has some of his work in the small shop at Jao. The second you arrive you feel at peace with the world.

Location of the camp

The camp is located in a private reserve bordering on the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta that floods each year. The flood has a lot of influence on the animals and can be quite a different experience depending on when you visit. Each season has its beauty. The floods normally come in April but in 2004 they came in February. How you see the animals depends on the season. When the water levels are high you see more animals by boat and when it is drier you see more by land rover. The camp offers such diversity from standard game drives, night drives, bird watching, guided walks, boating, fishing and mokoring (small canoes for game viewing) swimming pool and massages. Access is by airplane only.


There nine guest rooms in the complex one is a family room. The maximum capacity of the camp is 22 people with most of the time the camp being considered full at 18 guests. Each room is a tent but that is not a fair description of the luxurious and contemporary accommodations you will find when you enter your "tent". Huge beds, wonderful vanities and every luxury you can imagine. The main lodge has rooms on either side. There is a huge expanse of raised decking around the lodge which makes getting around very easy.

Internet Access

You are out of touch with the world.

Dining and Wines

A delightful dining area with a magnificent view sets the stage for wonderful meals. The fish I ate here was truly remarkable and one of the best I have had the pleasure of consuming in a long time. They offer a choice each evening of 2 starters, 3 mains, dessert, cheeses and a plate of petit fours. Breakfast and lunch features a buffet with plenty to choose from. Of course these are accompanied by excellent wines. After dinner sitting around the fire with the big drum from Bali, you feel quite removed from reality.


Of course this environment lends itself to all types of spa treatments. I could not see into the treatment room as it was in use but the young lady who offers the treatments was delightful and they have a full array of options for you to chose from.


This is a unique camp, no other camp has the atmosphere of Jao. If you enjoy a Zen like atmosphere you will be in heaven staying in Jao. A stay here will be well remembered.

Website: Jao Camp