Savute Elephant Camp Chobe National Park Botswana

A Belmond Property

Personal Impression

On arrival you are greeted by the sight of elephants right in front of the swimming pool and lodge area. An incredible sight! A watering hole is in this area and the elephants frequent it almost all day. The day before we were there a pride of lions approached the watering hole and the elephants vacated very quickly. A beautiful lodge, with a true feeling of being in the bush. There is a fountain in the middle of camp where they rake the sand each evening. In the morning the excitement is to see what tracks have been left during the night.

Location of the camp and game viewing

Savute is located in the heart of the Chobe National Park in Botswana. This is a dry and arid country with the ground being mostly sandy. You are in a National Park and you cannot go off road for game viewing - so this is something you do need to know. Game viewing varies here tremendously as the camp is in the path of a migration that takes place each year. As it gets drier in the winter months of April - August a lot of game moves to the river areas of Botswana and then returns again when the rains come in late November. This is an area densely populated by elephants, where lions have evolved and specialize now in killing elephants. Large prides are required to bring down an elephant. It is not uncommon to see prides of 40 lions at Savute.


The tents feel more like a standard permanent structure, with nicely polished wood floors and a large outdoor deck. They also feature air conditioning. The rooms are a nice size and the bathrooms have double sinks, large shower only and no bathtubs. The tents are all raised above the ground. Many of the rooms have a good view of the elephant watering hole. There is a large swimming pool on the grounds right outside the main lodge area and raised above the elephants watering hole.

Internet Access

Wireless Internet available as of August 2012.

Dining and Wines

The open air lodge is the scene for wonderful meals as you watch the elephants in play at the watering hole right in front of you. Talk about live entertainment. It is fascinating as they lumber in one by one and as you watch the hierarchy of the group. The elephants are primarily bull elephants as the females and babies are ever aware of the danger from lions and stay hidden most of the time. A starter, choice of meat or vegetarian dish, dessert and cheeses is offered each evening along with a fully stocked bar. After dinner, sitting around the fireplace is the traditional activity.

The Fountain where animals visit during the night Elephant at the watering hole The main lodge area


All type of spa treatments are available.


This is a very unique camp which offers luxurious air conditioned tents with a feeling of being deep in the bush in Chobe National Park. If you like elephants - you have found the perfect safari destination.

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