Shinde | Ker and Downey Camp | Botswana Private Game Reserve

Personal Impression

Shinde offers a truly personal experience, with friendly staff, excellent guides and a diversity of activities. This is the way they carry your bags to your tents. We asked them to stop so we could take a picture. The game drives coupled with the boat rides gives an extra bonus to this delightful camp. The main lodge area is on different levels with dining on the top level under a barrel ceiling. The camp has a family of genets (see above) that frequent the camp and often play in the trees right in view of the dining table. This took place on our visit and they are the most incredible small cat with incredible markings. It was a neat experience.


It is a tented camp with very comfortable tents with all the features you would expect. Hot and cold running water, shower, double sinks with toiletries and in the enclave (the private area with newer tents and a private lounge and boma) a toilet with a view. These camps are not to the standard of Mombo or Jao but they are comfortable and offer an excellent value for the money. Suited to those that want the true safari experience in comfort but do not need excessive luxury.

shinde tent.jpg beds.jpg

Dining and Wines

As mentioned above, dining in Shinde is a great experience. The table is set under a huge barrel ceiling with a view into the trees which you hope are visited by the resident family of genets. These have been around Shinde for about 7 years and about 7 years and have granny, daughter and grand children in attendance. They are really beautiful and you see them often. A picture above. Food was outstanding and served perfectly accompanied by excellent wines.

shinde dining.jpg


No spa at Shinde


No access in this camp.

Game Drives

This is a highlight of a stay at Shinde. We saw almost every type of animal you can imagine except Rhino here. The terrain varies tremendously and the guides are knowledgeable and very friendly. This is where we finally got to see a sable (pictured below) a truly majestic animal that stays under the cover of the trees. Our guide was driving through the thick areas of the trees to find the sable, I could not believe where we went. There are also various water holes full of hippo and plains with elephants everywhere. The most interesting aspect of Shinde is the proximity of the delta and the nesting birds. Some of these rookeries were really spectacular. A view of our personal pictures are below. A stop is made at sundown in this the most spectacular area for sunset. As you drink a glass of wine in the boat and watch the sunset all is right with the world. Our picture from this experience is below.

Personal pictures from our trip to Shinde. A magical experience.

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