Morokuru Farm House | Madikwe Game Reserve


A Relais & Chateau Property

Personal Impression

The Morokuru Farm House is perfect for a family and is designed with in mind. However couples could also be very comfortable at Morokuru. The house has five rooms and can accommodate 10 people. The drive up appeal is unique with a huge lawn and brick pathway up to the front door. The area around the lodge is big five free so the concern of encountering dangerous animals with children is removed. It feels like a large and modern farmhouse on entering.


The Game

Madikwe Game Reserve is huge and has good game. The off roading experience is more limited and it is an entirely different topography to the private reserves around Kruger Park. The mountains are wonderful and the terrain changes as you go to different areas of the reserve. The soil can be dusty, particularly if there has been a shortage of rain.  This reserve borders on Botswana so you see animals in this reserve you do not see in the Kruger area.  Examples are the Brown Hyena, black backed jackals, and the huge Kalahari Desert Lions.  The reserve has many lodges and there are a lot of vehicles driving the park. However, I felt this to be a positive since there were many people looking for animals - the sightings were numerous. The lodges cooperate with each by way of radios to control the sightings so there are never more than three vehicles at a sighting at a time. At no time did I feel as if the reserve was crowded. You are seeing nature at its finest here, not penned in a small area for the tourists to see.


The rooms are bright and airy with light woods and colors.  A storage wall of hanging, drawers and shelves is located behind the bed that is very convenient and spacious. The bathrooms are really nice with a wood wall, huge square tiles, double sinks, big walk in shower and separate bathtub.  The front door is off the courtyard and the interior wall looks out onto a deck and the bush.  Perfect set up for a family group.

bathroom bedroom desk

Public Areas

As you step inside you instantly get the feeling of space.  To your right, is a large lounge with oversized sofas and tables in muted beige tones. Straight ahead you look into the very spacious courtyard. To the left is the dining room. You can see the entry to kitchen where you can help yourself and where your chef prepares your meal.  This areas interior decorating is an appealing mixture of brick, wood and contemporary carpeting. The courtyard has divided sections with dining tables a wonderful place for children to play.  A combination of pebbles, grass, planted areas and brick. All the guest rooms open off of the courtyard.
The swimming pool is on a raised area surrounded by green manicured lawns.  There is also a bathtub off to the side in a private area where you can bathe in the bush if that appeals to you.

farm lodge dining pool


Internet is available at the Farm House.

Website: Morokuru Farm House