Morokuru Owners House | Madikwe Game Reserve

A Relais & Chateau Property


Personal Impression

The Morokuru Owners House is like being in a tree house. You walk down a wooden raised pathway surrounded by large trees. This lodge only has two bedrooms to accommodate four guests and it is so beautifully decorated with enough space for a lodge for a lot more guests.  The pool area is larger than lodges with many rooms. Incredible luxury for just four guests. Definitely “over the top” accommodations for just four people.


The Game

Madikwe Game Reserve is huge and has good game. The off roading experience is more limited and it is an entirely different topography to the private reserves around Kruger Park. The mountains are wonderful and the terrain changes as you go to different areas of the reserve. The soil can be dusty, particularly if there has been a shortage of rain.  This reserve borders on Botswana so you see animals in this reserve you do not see in the Kruger area.  Examples are the Brown Hyena, black backed jackals, and the huge Kalahari Desert Lions.  The reserve has many lodges and there are a lot of vehicles driving the park. However, I felt this to be a positive since there were many people looking for animals - the sightings were numerous. The lodges cooperate with each by way of radios to control the sightings so there are never more than three vehicles at a sighting at a time. At no time did I feel as if the reserve was crowded. You are seeing nature at its finest here, not penned in a small area for the tourists to see.


The two bedrooms are large with oversized King Beds.  The room has glass around two sides and the glass doors open onto a private deck.  The bathrooms are really large with a rock wall, double sinks, oversized shower and bathtub.  Both rooms are about the same size.

bedroom bathroom pool

Public Areas

The main lounge is a mixture of brick, wood with contemporary comfortable furnishings. The trees are visible through glass walls with doors that open onto the deck.  Light streams in the room.  A large fireplace is the center of the main lounge.  There is a TV/Library room, dining area and kitchen and a massive wine cellar full of wines.
The pool area is on a lower level with a very large pool and two tiered deck area. There is a fire pit with four rattan chairs and a bath tub.

main lodge dining deck walkway


Internet is available at the Owners House.

Website: Morokuru Owners House