Alexander The Great | Yacht on the Nile

We were not allowed to take photos so this is a written review only. There are photos on their website.

Personal Impression

As far as a Nile River Boat goes the Alexander the Great is an outstanding ship. This is particularly true when it comes to the suites which are excellent. A smaller charming ship that has focus on customer satisfaction and great reviews.

All Large Cabins

The ship was refurbished and two cabins became one cabin so it is one large room with lots of space. Different themes are represented in the cabin decor and although all the cabins are the same size the decor gives them an entirely different look. The names of some of the suites are as follows - Natives, Orient Green, African Spirit, Wave & Stripe, Journey to China, Orient Blue, Jungle Paths, Purple Touch, Aqua Blue, Simply Natural. The floors are all wood, there is a nice sitting area in every cabin and lots of walking around room. Some nice touches have been added including a wall switch to request "privacy" or "make up my room" rather than the hanging a sign on a door knob. You can see a lot of thought and detail went into these cabins. Bedding can be either a king bed or twin beds but the twins are not able to be separated and are close together.

The bathrooms are really nice. White walls with a wood floor and vanity top, full size bathtub with adjustable overhead shower, and a nice storage rack on the wall.

A single hanging closet with shelving on each side is in all the rooms. There are no drawers unless the particular decor of your cabin has some furniture with drawers. All rooms have a mini bar and safe. There is also a luggage rack with a large glass shelf for extra storage.

There are enough electrical outlets more than I would expect. The power is 220 volt so be sure you have dual voltage appliances

Every room has a flat screen TV with six satellite channels and one movie channel.

Public Spaces

The foyer is open and inviting with lots of glass and contemporary fixtures. Two seating areas in a white and pastel fabrics are in the foyer along with a reception desk and details of the days events.

TThe main lounge is very contemporary room with a dark wood floor and white, taupe and black furnishings, granite coffee table tops with groupings of sofas and chairs conducive to communication. A white rock wall is the focal point of the room with a large flat screen TV and in front of the TV is a games area with all types of games available. As of October 2010, this is the only area on the ship that can receive wireless internet hopefully that will change with time. The bar is circular with a gleaming burled wood counter with all types of beverages displayed. This is really a beautiful room and beckons a person to relax in one of the comfy chairs and stay a while.

The dining room has a theme for the evening meal each night changing not only the table coverings but also the china to co-ordinate with the theme of the night. French, Italian, Asian are all featured. The menus looked fantastic. The tables can be set for two or joined together to make a larger table. There were no round tables.

The sun deck has a wow effect. Wonderful covered area for sitting in the shade and an upper deck area with great furniture for those that want a little more sun. The swimming pool has a nice design and the whole area is appealing. Lots of white and pastel colored fabrics.