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To go to Egypt and not do a Nile cruise you miss a very unique and important part of an Egyptian tour. There are over 300 cruise ships on the Nile.

Personal Impression:

The Nile Cruise Boats vary from really bad to really nice products. Below are links to my personal reviews on some of the best cruise ships on the Nile. I think the choice of ship is critical as standards are not what Americans are used to and getting ill is something we all wish to avoid. All feature an Egyptian night where everyone dresses up in Egyptian clothing, an outdoor barbeque on the deck weather permitting and lots of western food. We spoke to many guides and the consensus was that these boats were definitely among the best.

Sonesta Star Goddess

Personal Review of Sonesta Star Goddess
Sonesta Star Godess
66 guests

Sanctuary Nile Adventurer

Personal Review of Sanctuary Nile Adventurer
Sanctuary Nile Adventurer
64 guests

Sunboat IV - Abercrombie and Kent

Personal Review of the Sunboat IV
Sunboat IV
60 guests (30 cabins)

Alexandra the Great

No pictures were allowed but this is a wonderful boat.

Personal Review of Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
60 guests (30 cabins)

M/S Salacia

Personal Review of M/S Salacia
59 guests

Oberoi Zahra

No personal experience for a review of this boat.
Oberoi Zahra Website
50 guests

Cruising the Nile - What to expect:

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The trip along the Nile is very enjoyable. There is some time to relax and enjoy the ship however it is a very busy schedule. You can take a 3, 4 day or 7 day trip. It is very rushed in a shorter time period so the 7 days is a wonderful way to go to get the best of everything. You go from Luxor to Aswan and then back again from Aswan to Luxor. You get to see different things on each day. The temples and monuments are all along the Nile and your cruise includes visits to the temples as you sail from port to port. As you sail down the river the sights you see are really quite remarkable. It is a leisurely pace and you can really enjoy seeing all the farmers on the sides of the river bank. Most wave and it is a series of "kodak moments"