Custom Luxury Tour Arranged by Ngaire Keene through Ker & Downey

Hosted by Ken Hutyra and Ngaire Keene Hutyra | March 04, 2016 to March 15, 2016

Clothing, Shopping, Food, Vaccinations & Visas


CASUAL is all that is required. Limit the clothes you bring and remember that laundry is available to you complimentary on the Sonesta Star Goddess. It only gets really hot when visiting the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Aswan as in this desert area the temperature jumps about 10 degrees, or it feels that way.

Safari type clothing perfect for touring and that what we will be wearing and a couple of light pairs of pants and shirts or tops for evening. Ken and I will wear the same items many times. There are no "formal" nights in Cairo or on the ship. The dinner at the private residence is just country club casual. No jackets or ties required for men.

There will be an EGYPTIAN NIGHT during the cruise so if you have anything you want to bring for that feel free to do so. There are many very inexpensive items to buy during the cruise you can buy if you wish to participate in this dress up evening. You do not HAVE to dress up that is entirely optional.

Temperatures approximately

Cairo: 70s to 50s. Luxor and Aswan: 80 to 50 very pleasant.

Shopping in Egypt

We recognize some LOVE shopping and some HATE shopping. So we have no forced long shopping stops. During the cruise there will be shopping at the ports of call right at the ship in some cases.

After our tour and lunch on March 6 we will offer shopping time in the Cairo Bazaar which is much larger for those that want to shop. One of the guides will accompany you on this excursion.

The Aswan Bazaar we have found an excellent place to shop and we will make time in the program for those that want to shop at the Aswan Bazaar.

We have vehicles at our disposal almost all the time so we can quickly arrange to take those that want to shop to the Bazaar and leave the others relaxing on the ship. One of the guides will go with you. We found it less of a hassle than the Cairo Bazaar and the pricing was better.

Food Issues

Egypt is not a country you visit due to great cuisine. The Four Seasons has surprisingly good food, the pub at the Four Seasons used to have the BEST hamburger and the breakfast is also very good particularly the croissants. The First Residence Mall connected to the hotel also offers a variety of restaurants.

The Sonesta Star Goddess food, wines and spirits are about as good as it gets on the Nile but do have your expectations in line this is NOT Regent. They serve primarily western food and some Egyptian food. It is tasty enough and a good variety but nothing spectacular. Same issue with the wines and spirits probably not up to the standards you are used to enjoying.

As far as any stomach problems, most people are just fine and Ken and I have never had any problem on any of our trips to Egypt. However, a few have had some issues in the past. The good news is it was not bad enough to miss a tour. However, if you feel anything coming on immediately tell Ngaire or Ken. We will have with us the “secret wonder pills” that seem to nip this in the bud very quickly. These are bought in Egypt for the specific purpose of one little critter that can upset some people not used to Egypt and they work fast and effectively. So do not be shy ask us and we will be happy to oblige.


No vacinations are required for Egypt. However, it is always wise to have the basic vacinations up-to-date when travelling overseas.


There is a visa required for Egypt but this is purchased on arrival at the airport and is handled by the VIP service that we provide for you and the cost is included in your tour fare. No need for you to obtain any visas prior to the trip.