Custom Luxury Tour Arranged by Ngaire Keene through Ker & Downey

Hosted by Ken Hutyra and Ngaire Keene Hutyra | March 04, 2016 to March 15, 2016

Recently the US State Department removed Egypt from their travel warnings and now considers it safe to travel to With the Egyptian population yearning to welcome back visitors, and the lack of tourists there is no reason to delay seeing some of the most magnificent wonders of the ancient world

Susan Walsh, a Keene Luxury Travel Consultant, just returned from Egypt in September, 2014 and said that things were fine. The military are back in control and pictures of the new President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi were everywhere and he seems to be very popular. A major new redevelopment of the Suez Canal is starting with investment from within Egypt and also international investment. A new tourist police program is in place for tourist security and tourism to Egypt is starting to return. I've decided to offer a NILE 3 in March of 2016 before the tourist numbers increase. It was so good in 2012 when there were so few tourists.

Special Cancellation Policy

In consideration for any concerns you may have about going to Egypt, Ker and Downey is offering Keene Luxury Travel guests on the Nile 3 tour a full refund guarantee if any event in the area gives you reason for concern and you wish to cancel. Penaltiesmay apply for non-refundable air arrangements.

NILE 3 Is A Very Inclusive Luxury Tour

Cairo Inclusions

Cruise Inclusions

General Inclusions

Voice Box System

This is a small receiver you wear around your neck with a single earpiece. Extremely comfortable you forget it is even there. The guide can talk through a microphone on his head and you can wander off looking at things or taking pictures and still hear your guide. If you want no sound you can turn it off completely. This allows a lot more freedom of movement and not having to crowd around your guide while he shares his knowledge with you. Once you use this system you will want it every time you go on any tour.

Tour Does Not Include