Weather & Climate for India

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India has hot tropical weather with variations occurring region to region. While the coolest months are from November to mid-March, hottest are from April to June. From mid-July to September one can experience Monsoon rains. Winters in India are pleasant with plenty of sunny days. Most of the North India remains dry, dusty, and unpleasant during the summer months. For a tourist, India provides ample opportunities to participate in diverse activities in different parts of the country. You can explore India in all the seasons, but you will have to be selective about the destinations.

Northern India - Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur

There is an extreme range in temperature. Warm from April to June. Freezing temperatures between November to February. June to September is hot with monsoons.

Southern India - Mumbai, Cochin, Kerala

Southern India is pleasant during the winters (November-March) and hot during summers. The temperature is on the rise from the month of March until the monsoons break out in mid-June, which goes on until September. October offers a relief from humidity and heat.

East - Calcutta (Kolkata), Orissa

Cooler weather from October through February. March to May very hot. Monsoons from June through October.

City JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
AgraNORTHERN INDIA            
 Temp. Max222632384241353333332924
 Temp. Min.7101622272927262519128
 Rainfall avg.169115106021026315123
DelhiTemp. Max212430364140353434352923
 Temp. Min.7101521272927262519128
 Rainfall avg.25221778652111731503115
GwaliorTemp. Max232733394341343232332925
 Temp. Min.7101622283027253418117
 Rainfall avg.187839832742591923528
JaipurTemp. Max222531374139343233332924
 Temp. Min.8111521262726242318129
 Rainfall avg.148941054193239901934
JodhpurTemp. Max252833384240363335363127
 Temp. Min.91217222729272524201411
 Rainfall avg.752263112214547731
PatnaTemp. Max242633383937333232322925
 Temp. Min.111319232627272726231612
 Rainfall avg.22078281392663072436362
UdaipurTemp. Max242832363836312931322926
 Temp. Min.8101520252524232219118
 Rainfall avg.94335871972071201663
VaranasiTemp. Max232733394139333232322925
 Temp. Min.9111722272826262521139
 Rainfall avg.238141810234624026138152
City JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
BangaloreSOUTHERN INDIA            
 Temp. Max283133343330282928282727�
 Temp. Min.151619212120191919191715
 Rainfall avg.4146371196593951291954616
BombayTemp. Max313233333332302930323332
(Mumbai)Temp. Min.161720242626262626241813
 Rainfall avg.01002064794566030911771
CochinTemp. Max313131313129282828293030
 Temp. Min.232426262624242424242423
 Rainfall avg.9345013936475657238623533318437
JaisalmerTemp. Max242833384241383636363125
 Temp. Min.8111721252727252520139
 Rainfall avg.213157898614152
MadrasTemp. Max293133353837353534322928
 Temp. Min.202123262828262625242321
 Rainfall avg.2471525525383124118267309139
MaduraiTemp. Max303235363737363535333130
 Temp. Min.212223252626262525242322
 Rainfall avg.2616218159314811712317916143
City JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
CalcuttaEASTERN INDIA            
 Temp. Max262934363634323232312927
 Temp. Min.121520242626262626241813
 Rainfall avg.13223050135263320318253134294
DarjeelingTemp. Max9115181919202020191512
 Temp. Min.3481113151515151174
 Rainfall avg.222752109167522713573419116145
GangtokTemp. Max141519222223232323221915
 Temp. Min.4591214161717161296
 Rainfall avg.4456142222493644635884761523515