Food and Water Safety

I was very concerned about food and water safety when I first went to India. As a person who does not like spicy food at all, I pictured myself living on bread and coke for my stay. My conception here proved to be completely false.

Indian Food

Of course, this is offered everywhere and the fine dining venues are often Indian cuisine. Those that eat Indian food said the food was excellent and in many cases not as spicy as they had anticipated. The menus identify those dishes that are considered highly spiced. The Oberoi chain always offers an extensive continental menu in their Indian restaurants so you always have a choice. The Taj Hotel's do not offer any continental food at all in their speciality Indian cuisine restaurants.

Continental Cuisine

Fish, pasta, steak, chicken and vegetables and almost anything you are used to eating is offered in all the hotels we offer. Presentation of the food is cutting edge and most dishes worthy of a picture. We found pastas and pizzas to be outstanding. The Italian restaurants in the Oberoi hotels in Mumbai and in New Delhi were really outstanding. Steaks were tasty but a little tougher than the prime beef we get in the States. The Olive restaurants are an upscale eating experience offering an extensive menu of continental and Indian cuisine and an exceptional dining experience.

Potential Gastrointestinal Problems

This was a high concern of mine when first arriving in India. At first, I did not want to take any chances and avoided all the things the books tell you to avoid, for example, anything washed such as salads, peeled fruits and fish. However, within a few days I was eating everything I normally ate and had no problems at all. If you eat in the luxury hotels or restaurants you will probably be fine and if you are concerned you can limit yourself to well cooked food. The variety offered allows you the choices you need to be cautious in this regard. Of course, this can happen anywhere in the world. However, if you dine at local regular restaurants, lower class hotels or from street vendors; it is highly likely you will become ill. Carry digestive aid products with you just in case you experience difficulties. Remember eating Indian food that is highly spicy can also upset your system if you are not used to that much spice in your diet. It is recommended that if you wish to eat the Indian food you ease into that slowly rather than eating a full Indian spicy meal early in your trip.

Water safety

The Oberoi hotels have tap water that is safe. They also offer large bottles of complimentary bottled mineral water. I always drank and brushed my teeth with the bottled water to be extra cautious. My husband brushed his teeth with the tap water and had no problems. I would not suggest using tap water anywhere where there is bottled water available.