Taj Hotels

These hotels can be found in the major cities and tourist areas of India

taj hotel

Personal Impression

Without a doubt, these hotels offer a very high standard of accommodation. The rooms are luxurious rooms, offering every possible amenity. The wonderful grounds are full of flowers and pools of cool water. They also have incredible spas featuring the ayurvedic treatments. The Taj Hotel chain features Heritage Hotels that were palaces in the past and has properties that offer a history as well as the finest of hospitality and luxury. If you like a hotel that has a great deal of character, these would be the hotels to select. Many are restorations and the size and shape of the rooms vary tremendously.

Trident Hiltons

The Taj group also owns the Trident Hiltons that are not of the luxury level that the regular Taj hotels offer but are the best options in some of the smaller Southern Indian areas.

General Overview

The food was very good, fresh, perfectly prepared and with excellent service. They offer a good selection of food that Americans are used to eating and normally in a more casual atmosphere. The fine dining is always focused on Indian cuisine.
The hotels all offer a Spa with a variety of treatments available including the ayurvedic treatments that are a specialty of India.
The hotels all have guest computers and offer internet access.

The Taj Hotel Properties

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