Udaipur - Rajasthan

Venice of the East, The City of Lakes

inside the grand palace
The Inside of the Grand Palace

A Magical Place

Arriving in Udaipur, we were transferred to a boat for the final leg of our journey to the Udaipur. In front of us, was a Disney like scene with a temple all lit up in the middle of the lake as part of a massive palace that appeared to be floating in the sky, the Taj Lake Palace and the Grand Palace were all lit up. It looked like a fairy land as all this reflected in the moonlight (full moon) water. Directly in front of us, was the hotel we were going to be staying at, the Oberoi Udaivillas Hotel. As we came closer, they stopped the boat and a fireworks display took place. There must have been about 20 rockets and it was spectacular. Then, we stepped off the boat into the unbelievable complex. I cannot find the words to describe this hotel. It is the most incredible property that I have ever seen. Contemporary and Indian at the same time, with water everywhere and tons of space.

The lobby was breathtaking, and the rooms were fantastic. A large room with a window seat and a view of the pool which was again breathtaking. A private courtyard with table that opened up directly to the pool. A huge bathroom with a claw foot tub, sofa, table, and so much space. We were extremely happy here and really never wanted to leave. All the rooms are the same and opened out onto the pool area. This property covers a huge area and even has a private zoo. Two nights here were not enough. Dinner that first night was on a terrace, with fire torches, with dancers, with everything as romantic as you can imagine. The food was also fantastic. I had a tenderloin steak and the most flavorful sorbet I have ever tasted.

The next morning the breakfast was great. My husband had waffles with bananas and nuts and I had the eggs benedict. They had a pastry with cream and blueberries in a word YUM!

We went on a tour of the Grand Palace. I must admit, I thought, oh bother, another palace and a long- winded guide. However, this was a very interesting palace and I enjoyed our visit here. Each area offered something new to see and the beauty of detail work on the walls was incredible. We stopped at a store called Anoke that a lady in the hotel had told me about. Great clothes, I bought one outfit.

grand palace courtyard
Grand Palace Courtyard
grand palace entrance
Grand Palace Entrance
Shopping At Anoke

We went to lunch at a hotel out in the country called Devi Garh by lebua. Another WOW experience! This hotel was an old fort and they refurbished it with the local villagers actually providing most of the labor. This hotel has revitalized this little town and all the staff, waiters, and housemaids are from the village. This is a "zen" like hotel with every room being totally different. You have this old building with all the history and these highly contemporary large bedrooms and it works so well. This is truly an outstanding property. They served me lamb; I guess they knew the way to this girl's heart.

The hotels and are really amazing in Udaipur and below is a picture from each one we visited.

We ended the day with about 30 minutes of shopping in a local market and had a blast.

Dinner was at the Lake Palace – the "Indian" fine dining experience. The experience of eating here, the service and ambiance of the restaurant and going and coming by boat was a night to remember. This town is the Venice of India.

I love this town and want to come back and spend more time!