Lima - Peru

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The starting point for most Peruvian tours

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The city offers some things of interest for the visitor. Most people fly in and out of Lima to start a Peruvian tour. It is worth a day to see the sights that Lima has to offer. The city is growing and the quality of hotels here is high. There is a tremendous amount of traffic and you need a guide to get around the city.


There are many fine hotels, Miraflores Park Hotel, an orient express hotel; the Lima Country Club; and the Swissotel are three hotels that we would recommend.


They are everywhere. We urge caution with eating and drinking the water in Peru. The nicer restaurants do use purified water for ice and you can get bottled water everywhere. We suggest bottled water for brushing your teeth and drinking and avoiding foods that are not cooked or may have been washed with tap water. An outstanding restaurant in the Mira Flores area is the La Rosa Nautica, which serves fresh seafood and a wide range of other tempting delicacies. This is an outstanding restaurant to visit while in Lima.

La Rosa Nautica Restaurant
La Rosa Nautica Restaurant - Mira Flores
appetizer plate
Appetizer Plate - La Rosa Nautica

The Plaza de Armas

The main square of Lima offers the key tourist attractions. Stand in the middle of the square, by the 17th-centruy bronze fountain, and you are at the historic heart of the city. The Peruvian White House, residence of the Peruvian President faces the square. On weekdays at 12:45 pm, you can see the changing of the guard. The eastern side of the square is dominated by the cathedral, which was reconstructed many times due to earthquakes. Inside, the cathedral is large and unusually austere. Opposite the cathedral is the Municiplidad de Lima, or town hall.

Also in this area we visited a private home that has been in the family for 16 generations. This is only available by special arrangement of our tour operator. The house is like a museum and a very interesting place to visit. It is located right next to the Peruvian White House.

The Monastery

Just a short walk from the Square. It is still a working Monastery today and has some interesting features to visit. The Catacombs are extensive if you like to visit this type of attraction.

private residence
Private Residence in Lima

Museum of Rafeal Larco Herrera

This was also more interesting than I would have anticipated. The museum features 40,000 pieces of pottery that were found buried in the tombs of the noble Inca's.