New Zealand Food and Wine

Featuring New Zealand Lamb and Sauvignon Blanc

For a small country, New Zealand has an impressive array of unique food and dining styles which are complemented by top quality wines.

Restaurants, Dining and Cuisine

Pavlova - meringue-based
& topped with fruit

Try New Zealand's world famous lamb for or dishes that have a distinctly New Zealand style. Other wonderful foods include pork and venison, salmon, crayfish, Bluff oysters, paua (abalone), mussels and scallops; kumara (sweet potato); kiwifruit and tamarillo; and pavlova (the national dessert), made from meringue and lashings of fresh whipped cream topped with fresh fruit or berries.

New Zealand's cuisine style also takes its inspiration from regions and countries such as Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Japan and Vietnam. This unique blend of influences has created a mouth-watering range of flavors and food available from cafes and restaurants nationwide. While the main towns support elegant, silver-service restaurants, there are many excellent dining establishments from hotels through to the more relaxed cafe-bar dining. There is a wide variety of international food available. There are more than 900 Asian restaurants throughout New Zealand.

New Zealand Wines

Equal to the international acclaim New Zealand has for its beauty is that for its fine wines. Climate, geography and human skill have combined to produce highly distinctive, premium quality wines.

In the warmer and more humid northern regions of Northland, Auckland and Gisborne, Chardonnay might begin to be harvested in late February or early March while in Central Otago, the world's most southerly Chardonnay grapes may first be picked in mid to late April - a difference of 6-7 weeks.

Wine growing regions spanning the latitudes of 36 to 45 degrees and covering the length of 1000 miles (1,600km) grapes are grown in a vast range of climates and soil types, producing a diverse array of styles. The northern hemisphere equivalent would run from Bordeaux (between the latitudes of 44 and 46 degrees) down to southern Spain.

New Zealand's temperate, maritime climate has a strong influence on the country's predominantly coastal vineyards. The vines are warmed by strong, clear sunlight during the day and cooled at night by sea breezes. The long, slow ripening period helps to retain the vibrant varietals flavors that make New Zealand wine so distinctive.

cloudy bay wine

While you are here, take the opportunity to discover more about New Zealand wines. New Zealand whites wines, particularly Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, have achieved an international reputation for excellence - and the reds are catching-up fast!

A tour of a New Zealand winery whether in the North or South Island is always a treat. See if you can fit it in your schedule.
North Island Wine Regions - Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Wellington
South Island Wine Regions - Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbuty, Otago, Wanakrbuty, Otago, Wanakrbuty, Otago, Wanaka, Queenstown.

The official New Zealand Wine website will provide you with details on the regions, wine styles, events, and more.

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