Wanaka, New Zealand

South Island

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Wanaka is located between Queenstown and Mount Cook

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Most people drive by and don’t visit Wanaka. Yet to me it is a lovely area, so peaceful and with fewer tourists, although this is changing. There is now direct flight service from Christchurch to Wanaka. Many tours and activities are offered in Wanaka. Every type of tour is offered from purely scenic to active with white water rafting, sky diving, and jet boats; it is all available.

lake wanaka

Lake Wanaka

This is the country's fourth largest lake. The banks of the lake are grass lined with willow trees. There are lots of walking trails and just being here is a peaceful experience.

Bi Planes ‐ Tiger Moths

They have an aviation museum here and offer flights in old biplanes such as the de Havilland Dominie or an open cockpit Tiger Moth Bi plane if you have an interest in that experience. Wanaka’s popularity is growing and every year more tours and things to do are becoming available. Not more than one or two nights here is really necessary but it is a nice stopping off point between Queenstown and Mount Cook.

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