Keene Luxury Travel Clients can have a chance to WIN A FREE CRUISE! Program Details

Free Cruise Contest

Keene Luxury Travel's
Win a Free Cruise Program

Win a Free Cruise Cabin in 2019 for a 2020 cruise on a Keene Luxury Travel Cruise Escorted by Ngaire Keene Hutyra and Ken Hutyra on a Regent Seven Seas Cruises Voyage.

To Win the 2019 contest for 2020 Regent Cruise: Book through Keene Luxury Travel and sail on a 2019 Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) voyage escorted by Ngaire Keene and Ken Hutyra and qualify for a chance at a free cruise cabin, double or single occupancy, on one of Ngaire and Ken’s escorted RSSC voyages in 2020.

Details on Free Cruise Cabin:

No non-Regent Keene Luxury Travel trips escorted by Ngaire Keene and Ken Hutyra will qualify for participation. Keene Luxury Travel cruises or trips where a member of the Keene Luxury Travel staff is present do not qualify as "escorted trips" for purposes of the free cruise program unless specifically identified as participating in the free cruise program. As with all Keene Luxury Travel Regent cruises escorted by Ngaire Keene and Ken Hutyra, an additional KLT Rewards bonus from Keene Luxury Travel applies. No additional cost is added to participate in this drawing.

Winners must qualify as outlined below:

Number of drawings per cabins:
For each 5 cabins, one cabin number will be drawn, (rounded up to the nearest 5 cabins).
No maximum number of cabins drawn.

Number of drawings per cruise nights:
For each 7-nights of a cruise or segment escorted by Ngaire and Ken (rounded up to the nearest seven nights) one cabin number will be drawn.

0 - 7 night cruise - one cabin drawn for each five cabins.
8 – 14 night cruise - two cabins drawn for each five cabins.
15 – 21 night cruise - three cabins drawn for each five cabins.

For example
Up to 5 cabins– one cabin (7 nights), two cabins (14 nights), three cabins (15+ nights).
6 to 10 cabins – two cabins (7 nights), four cabins (14 nights), six cabins (15+ nights).
11 to 15 cabins - three cabins (7 nights), six cabins (14 nights), nine cabins (15+ nights).

Odds on winning:
Odds will depend on the number of cabins on the escorted cruises. Anticipate the odds for winning a 2020 cruise will be approximately 1/250. Anticipate the odds of winning once you become a preliminary winner are approximately 1/50.