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2020 Seven Seas Voyager Schedule

Shipboard Credits (SBC) are per cabin, based upon double occupancy. Single occupancy cabins are half the amount per cabin.

American Express Platinum/Centurion SBC is not combinable with any other SBC offers.

Due to Group Contracts on specific cruises, if the Regent Seven Seas Cruises fare goes up, Keene Luxury Travel can still secure the original early booking fare if space is available. Select dates only. Any cruises with lower rates are identified in the table.


DateNightsOur Signature Link
For Itinerary, Pricing, & Other Options
Per Cabin
Per Cabin
7-Jan 14 Sydney To Auckland VOY200107 $500   NO  
21-Jan 22 Auckland To Bali (Benoa) VOY200121     YES  
21-Jan 40 Auckland To Hong Kong VOY200121A     YES  
21-Jan 52 Auckland To Shanghai VOY200121B     YES  
12-Feb 18 Bali (Benoa) To Hong Kong VOY200212 $500 $400 YES  
12-Feb 30 Bali (Benoa) To Shanghai VOY200212A     YES  
1-Mar 12 Hong Kong To Shanghai
Hosted by Julie Harris
VOY200301 $500 $200 NO  
1-Mar 26 Hong Kong To Bangkok VOY200301A     NO  
13-Mar 14 Shanghai To Bangkok VOY200313   $400 NO  
13-Mar 34 Shanghai To Abu Dhabi VOY200313A     YES  
27-Mar 20 Bangkok To Abu Dhabi VOY200327   $200 YES  
27-Mar 40 Bangkok To Rome (Civitavecchia) VOY200327A     YES  
16-Apr 20 Abu Dhabi To Rome (Civitavecchia) VOY200416 $500 $400 NO  
6-May 7 Rome (Civitavecchia) to Venice VOY200506     NO  
13-May 10 Venice to Jerusalem (Haifa) VOY200513     YES  
13-May 22 Venice to Athens (Piraeus) VOY200513A     YES  
23-May 12 Jerusalem (Haifa) to Athens (Piraeus) VOY200523 $500   NO  
23-May 22 Jerusalem (Haifa) to Venice VOY200523A     YES  
4-Jun 10 Athens (Piraeus) to Venice VOY200604     NO  
14-Jun 10 Venice to Venice VOY200614     NO  
24-Jun 12 Venice to Monte Carlo
Hosted by Linda Litteken
VOY200624 $500   NO  
6-Jul 10 Monte Carlo to Barcelona VOY200706     NO  
16-Jul 12 Barcelona to Venice VOY200716 $500   YES  
28-Jul 7 Venice to Rome (Civitavecchia) VOY200728     NO  
4-Aug 10 Rome (Civitavecchia) to Monte Carlo VOY200804     NO  
14-Aug 7 Monte Carlo to Barcelona VOY200814     NO  
21-Aug 12 Barcelona to Venice
Hosted by Jennifer Bullock
VOY200821 $500   YES  
2-Sep 7 Venice to Rome (Civitavecchia) VOY200902     NO  
2-Sep 14 Venice to Monte Carlo VOY200902A     YES  
9-Sep 7 Rome (Civitavecchia) to Monte Carlo VOY200909     YES  
16-Sep 14 Monte Carlo to Istanbul VOY200916 $400   NO  
30-Sep 8 Istanbul to Athens (Piraeus) VOY200930     NO  
8-Oct 12 Athens (Piraeus) to Barcelona VOY201008 $400   NO  
2-Nov 12 Barcelona to Lisbon VOY201102 $500   YES  
14-Nov 24 Lisbon to Cape Town VOY201114     NO  
8-Dec 14 Cape Town to Cape Town VOY201208     YES  
22-Dec 14 Cape Town to Cape Town VOY201222 $500   NO