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Amex Platinum Shipboard Credit Programs


If you have an American Express Platinum card - the one that costs $550 a year, you can receive the following benefits. NO OTHER AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM AFFILIATED CARD WILL WORK. No Delta, Optima, Costco, Hilton, etc - affiliated Platinum Cards.



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Combination Cruise Fares

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Dress Codes

Casual wear is appropriate for daytime onboard or ashore, and consists of resort-style outfits. Casual wear, including shorts and jeans, is not considered appropriate after 6:00 p.m. Evening dress codes may be found on the Itinerary tab of the individual voyages.

Evening dress code falls into two categories. Elegant Casual wear includes skirt, or slacks (no jeans) with blouse or sweater, pant suit or dress for ladies; slacks (no jeans) and collared shirt for gentlemen. Sport jackets are optional. While Elegant Casual is always appropriate, during Formal Optional evenings featured on longer cruises, guests may opt for a more formal choice of clothing including gowns and cocktail dresses for ladies; tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suit with tie for gentlemen.

There is a lot of confusion and worry over "what to wear" I hope this will give you a little insight into the dress codes, and how many optional formal and elegant casual nights you can expect on a cruise and what those dress codes mean for men and women. Many people like to dress up and you will see men wearing a coat and tie every night.

If you do not dress appropriately after 6:00 pm in the evening, you may be asked to change your attire.
Shorts, blue jeans, tee shirts, tennis shoes or casual sandals are not appropriate in the public areas after 6:00pm in the evening.


MEN: Tuxedos or suit and tie
Some men like to wear tuxedos. Some simply wear a suit and tie. Some wear dinner jackets. Elegant casual is also acceptable.

LADIES: Cocktail dress or pant suit
From ball gowns to sequins to a simple black dress and pant suit to elegant casual - it is all acceptable.


MEN: Open neck shirts and slacks
Tommy Bahama shirts, shirts with collar. Nice slacks. Nice casual wear.

LADIES: Dresses or pant suits
Pant suits, simple dresses, nice tops and slacks. What you wear to a nice local restaurant.


MEN: Casual
Shorts, jeans, tennis shoes and casual sandals. Comfortable clothing for sightseeing. No swimming trunks in the dining rooms.

LADIES: Casual
Shorts, jeans, tennis shoes and sandals. No bathing suits in the dining rooms. Of course a lady can wear a cover up and be fine over a bathing suit.


Shorts, blue jeans, tee shirts, tennis shoes or casual sandals.


How many Formal and Elegant Casual Nights will there be on my cruise?

Some cruises are all elegantly casual with no formal nights.

Dress codes vary slightly depending on ports of call and areas of the world the following is usually accurate

7 night cruise: One optional formal night, and the rest elegant casual.

10 night cruise: Two optional formal nights and then the rest elegant casual

14 night cruise: Two to three optional formal nights and then the rest elegant casual

21 night cruise: Three to four optional formal nights and then the rest elegant casual

21 plus nights: These will usually be in "segments". Each segment will follow the guidelines above so you can count on one formal night each 7 - 10 days.

When are the Optional Formal Nights?

OPTIONAL FORMAL NIGHT: The optional formal night is usually the second night after sailing. This is the "Welcome Aboard" party. Sometimes the schedule dictates that this is not an appropriate night for the Optional Formal night and then this will be schedule the third night of the sailing. Optional formal could also be the dress for the past passenger party and the Captains Farewell party. Usually a day when you leave port earlier so you have more time to dress.
ELEGANT CASUAL NIGHTS: Any night that is not optional formal.
These are only guidelines as the schedule of the cruise can dictate differently

Elegant Casual - Captains Welcome Aboard

What about the Captains welcome aboard party is that also "Formal Optional"? Yes, some will wear tuxedos, dark suits and tie, and ladies may wear cocktail gowns. Most will wear their nicest attire on these special nights you may also see people in the "Elegant Casual" attire

Our advice on clothing and packing

If you want to dress up then you can certainly take advantage of the cruise to do so. If you prefer to dress more elegant casual then you can feel quite comfortable with this decision. There will be an even mixture of people on board so as long as you stay within the guidelines above there is no need to worry about dress that much. On all the Regent cruises I have taken I have seen a wide variety of clothing and truthfully most people do not remember what you wore anyway.

To ease packing my husband takes one black suit and then wears that same jacket with taupe and beige slacks. Shoes are a space eater and are heavy. I usually take one pair of dress black shoes and if my clothes wont match those I leave that outfit home.

Lugging luggage around is difficult particularly when you are doing pre or post excursions. Luggage gets lost constantly by the airlines. We have lost our luggage eight times in the last three years. I do suggest a small carryon with the necessary items and one change of clothes. The cruise line is wonderful about keeping track of your luggage and if it is lost you usually get it the second afternoon. Right before the optional formal night.

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Completing Guest Forms Online and Setting up "MY ACCOUNT"

You need to visit Regent's website at - select MY ACCOUNT and follow the directions.

With the new TSA requirements it is essential your name is on the Guest Forms EXACTLY as it appears on your passport. Any variances could cause you problems. Regent uses the Guest Forms when booking your air to advise TSA of your name for the list that is used to check passengers against passport information. If you have air booked through Regent with a name on the Guest Forms that does not exactly match your passport you may find at the airport on check in you could be denied boarding or the airlines may require you to purchase an entirely new air ticket with the correct name. The responsiblity rests with the passenger to ensure their name is correct on the guest forms.

For more details

The information provided is to the best of our knowledge based upon information that we have at our disposable. Therefore, please note that these details may change over time and additional instructions will appear on the RSSC online booking website. These are new procedures and until the first experiences have taken place it is difficult to predict how the process will work and what special circumstances may occur. These are guidelines only.


Step One: On RSSC's website , click the "My Account" link.

My Account

Step Two: Create an online account by completing the required fields. Please write down your password selection for future use. Or if you already have an online account from a previous voyage, then sign-in to your existing account.

My Account Two

Step Three: Update your personal information in the Profile Update Screen.
Enter your email address as it is on file with RSSC. Then, click the "Booked Cruises" tab.

My Acct3

Step Four: Once you are on the "Booked Cruises" tab, your cruise should appear under the Future Cruises area. If not, then add it to your Profile by entering the booking information. Once it has appeared under the Future Cruises section, then you will see the information on the right-hand side for the different items you will be able to handle online. Fill in your Guest Information for the second item listed. Use this account to book your excursions, dining reservations and check on your account for additional information.


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Onboard Bookings


Are you booked on a voyage and already have your next one in mind? There is no need to wait to sail to take advantage of our Onboard Savings Program and secure your preferred suite. As early as 30 days before you embark, you can book your future voyage while taking advantage of benefits, including up to $2,000 in savings per suite. Our new program is simplified based on the length of the voyage booked and no blackout dates apply. What’s more, you’ll receive an instant Shipboard Credit of $200 per suite on your current upcoming voyage for booking through our Onboard Savings Program. Book your next future voyage as early as 30 days before you embark your upcoming voyage or while you are on board to take advantage of exclusive savings and amenities including:

Sailing Length Penthouse Suites & Above Concierge Suites Veranda, Deluxe Veranda & Deluxe Window Suites
0-14 days $275 per person $200 per person $150 per person
15-29 days $400 per person $325 per person $250 per person
30+ days $1,000 per person $750 per person $500 per person

Guests may reserve their next voyage onboard and receive additional Onboard Savings and benefits. Onboard Savings is an additional per person savings per suite that varies by sailing and suite category selected.





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Regent Ambassador Referral Program

When you refer friends and family as new guests and they book their first voyage with Regent Seven Seas Cruises, a $250 Future Cruise Credit will be added to your booking or profile. Additionally, Regent will provide a $250 Future Cruise Credit to your referred friends or family’s booking as their way of welcoming them to the Regent family. Once your referred guest makes a booking, they should complete the online form within 14 days from date of deposit for the $250 Future Cruise Credit to be applied to the booking.

The enhanced Ambassador Program is valid for new, full fare bookings made beginning December 1, 2017. Offer is combinable with most standard offers; however, certain restrictions may apply. Traveling companions sharing one suite are not eligible to refer new guests within the same suite. Program may be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice. Referring Seven Seas Society member and referred new guests are not required to sail on the same voyage.
Seven Seas Society Member: The referring guest must be an existing Seven Seas Society member at the time of the referral. The $250 Future Cruise Credit for the referring Seven Seas Society member may be applied to any existing or future booking where final payment has not been made. Seven Seas Society members may apply up to a maximum of four suite referrals per booking. New Referred Guest: The new guest reservation must be made by, or for, a guest who has not booked or sailed with Regent Seven Seas Cruises previously. Existing bookings for future sailings are not eligible. The new guest, or their Travel Agent, should complete the Ambassador Referral form (mentioned above) within 14 days from date of deposit for the $250 Future Cruise Credit to be applied to the booking. Only one $250 Future Cruise Credit per suite is permitted.

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Shipping Luggage

Regent Seven Seas has contracted with Luggage Free, a custom luggage-shipping and -delivery service, to provide the cruise line's guests with door-to-door luggage shipping, avoiding the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage - and even going through customs.

Using the service, guests make reservations online. Within 24 hours after their order is placed nationwide (six hours in New York City), Luggage Free sends a representative to the guest's home, wraps each bag in protective covering, and transfers them to the nearest airport. The bags are placed in Luggage Free's forward freight system, and then delivered to the guest's destination via its airborne infrastructure. After the bags land, Luggage Free picks them up at the airport, clearing international shipments through customs. Finally, Luggage Free transfers the bags to their ultimate destination address. The process is reversed for the return trip.

Link here for the Luggage Free Website

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Single and Third Guest Fares


The third or fourth adult in any standard suite or penthouse is 50% of the cruise only minimum category fare after any applicable air credit and EBS discount has been applied. Third and fourth berths in named suites will pay the cruise only minimum category fare. Triples and quad passengers do not qualify for free air promotions but may purchase air at the value of the air credit for the sailing. Society and onboard discounts do apply to triples and quads.


Children are never allowed as a first berth. Children may occupy the second berth on a booking but are not entitled to a discount. Children ages 11 and under in any category pay 50% of the minimum category fare after the air credit has been subtracted. Infants are treated the same as children. Children 12 and over are treated as adults. Onboard and Society discounts do apply to children. Free air promotions do not apply to children berthed in third or fourth berths. Children can purchase air at the value of the air credit plus any published upgrade fares for upgraded classes of service. Special kids pricing exists on select Summer and Spring dates. Special Savings For Kids Because we are limited to the number of triples and quads we can take due to lifeboat capacity, these special prices are capacity controlled and can be removed at any time.

Cribs: The number of cribs onboard is limited and may become sold out at any time. On the MARINER and VOYAGER, cribs are of the standard type but on the NAVIGATOR, they are portable and look more like a playpen. There is padding that is comfortable enough for sleeping. These are often referred to as "Pack and Play" playpens.


Single supplements ranging from 50% to 100% are capacity controlled by sailing as well as category and may be modified at any time. Special rates may be offered on specific sailings.Single Supplement Specials

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Society Tier Benefits

After creating an account using My Account, in addition to managing reservations for upcoming cruises you have booked, as a Seven Seas Soceity Member you may view cruise history and tier level, update your profile, and manage travel and communication preferences.

Bronze, 7-20 Nights

Silver, 21-74 Nights

Gold, 75-199 Nights

Platinum, 200-399 Nights

Titanium, 400 + Nights

Diamond, 1,000 - 1,999 + Nights

Commodore, 2,000 + Nights

*Single guests earn double nights when traveling at 175% or higher single supplement. FREE Phone Time is per suite and is in addition to Concierge-Level amenities. Gold members and above receive two unique log-ins with FREE Unlimited WiFi per suite. FREE Valet Laundry service is one bag per suite of wash, dry and fold services per seven-night segment for Gold members. Platinum member and higher savings discounts exclude Overland Adventures and Private Cars/Vans. Titanium members sailing voyages up to 14 days receive FREE Private Sedan transfer accommodating 2 large suitcases and voyages 15 days or longer receive FREE Private Van transfer accommodating 4 large suitcases. Diamond and Commodore savings is combinable with standard promotional offers, groups, Society savings, onboard savings and national account amenities. Certain restrictions apply. Diamond and Commodore Member savings will apply at time of booking beginning Jan 1, 2018 and is applicable to cruise-only fare. Members with existing bookings will be eligible to apply new member savings beginning Jan 1, 2018. Guests achieving new tier status during their voyage will be eligible to receive savings as applicable. The exclusive activities for Gold, Platinum and Titanium members may be combined with special events already incorporated in our World Cruise or Grand Voyages. New tier benefits are available from the beginning of the achieved voyage and any applicable pre-cruise benefits will be available on subsequent voyages. Guests traveling under reduced rate or interline fares are not eligible for loyalty benefits or nights earned.

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TSA Requirements

It is required that Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) receive your Guest Information Forms no later than 75-days prior to your trip departure date. This is even more imperative if you have booked your airfare arrangements with RSSC. We may ask you the pertinent information at the time of booking as per TSA guidelines.
TSA Secure Flight for full details on the program.

If you are securing your own air travel please ensure that your name is given to the airline exactly as it appears on your passport. The full name may not be shown on your air itineary or boarding pass it is the TSA list that is actually in the computer that is used to check names against the passport presented at the airport.

You need to be aware at check in at the airport if the TSA list and Passport names do not match exactly you may be denied boarding or required to buy a new ticket in the correct name.

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Waitlist Bookings

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