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Shore Excursions Program Information

Shore Excursions Recommendations

Each passenger needs to book their own excursions online.
There are so many choices and details that it is impossible for us to send that information to you. There are no longer shore excursion booklets.  This is easy to do and full instructions are listed on the link below.

Booking Shore Excursions

We are often asked to recommend or help select our clients shore excursions.
This really must be everyone's individual choice based on the information provided by Regent.  On the same excursion one couple will think it was terrific another couple will say it was the worst excursion ever. The way an excursion is run changes constantly so even if a Keene Luxury Travel agent has taken a particular excursion it may be quite different from a previous experience.  We prefer not to make any recommendations and ask the the passengers make their own decisions in selecting their shore excursions.

Shore Excursion Waitlists
If a shore excursion has reached current capacity, then the a message will indicate "This tour is currently sold out, but you may add your name to the Wait List and you will be contacted should space become available". Check your names and click the "Add" button. When the waitlist clears, Regent will notify us as your Travel Agent and we in turn will confirm the reservation with you. This is an automated computer process and there is no need to call and check on your waitlist status.

If a waitlist booking clears
When the waitlist clears, Regent will notify us as your Travel Agent and we in turn will confirm the reservation with you. This is an automated computer process and there is no need to call and check on your waitlist status.

If your waitlist does not clear before sailing
A certain percentage of tours are held back for booking onboard the ship. Also people always over book and then cancel once onboard the ship and waitlists clear on the ship.  You can also go standby for no-shows by going to the appointed meeting place before the tour. If the demand is high when possible the ship arranges  for additional capacity.  The "limited participation" excursions are the ones that will probably not clear for example where there is only capacity for 10 - 20 people.

Tipping the guides
The local guides SHOULD BE TIPPED on the free excursions. Tips are all included onboard the ship but not on land arrangements. The guides make most of their living on tipping so I do encourage you to tip on all your excursions.

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Shore Excursions Selection Details

For Free Shore Excursion Package and the Supplement for Regent Choice Shore Excursions
This information provided is to the best of our knowledge based upon information that we have at our disposable. Therefore, please note that these details may change over time and additional instructions will appear on the RSSC online booking website. These are guidelines only.

Shore Excursions may be reserved online beginning 180 days before your cruise sails, or 240 days for guests eligible for Regent's Concierge Amenities, at Midnight Eastern US Time. To do so, please create an account via the My Account section of Regent's website and access the Book Excursions link for your cruise via the Booked Cruises tab. Any Regent Choice Shore Excursions reserved in advance must be paid for at time of confirmation using a major credit card or you can use your shipboard credit if you have any available.

If the shore excursion that you want is waitlisted, please note that Regent is continually doing all possible to clear waitlists for their guests and if or when space becomes available, they clear the list in the order the waitlist was received. Regretfully, they have to go through a process of requesting additional space from their tour operators and this can take some time as they may have to source additional equipment and guides at their end. The waitlists are currently run approximately once per week and at that time; they send their requests to the various operators for additional space. Each sail date can have different allotments based on several factors, such as availability of guides, coaches, boats, planes, time in port, etc. Nevertheless, if and when they are able to confirm additional space, they will do so in as timely a manner as possible.

The Regent Choice Excursions are more expensive excursions that have been discounted in combination with the excursions that are offered free. The Regent Choice Excursions will require a supplement outlined in the shore excursion description. Free shore excursions not applicable to children sailing free under "Kids Sail Free" promotion. Kids paying special Child Rate 3rd or 4th berth rate DO qualify for the Free Shore Excursion package. Restrictions apply.

When selecting Free Excursions but there are some where you wish to pay the supplement for a "Regent Choice Excursion".

Shipboard Credits are now eligible for use to pre-book shore excursions.

As an added convenience, you will be able to pay for your pre-purchased Regent Choice shore excursions and onboard experiences using shipboard credits earned as a promotional amenity, Seven Seas Society benefit credits, or from purchased shipboard credits designated to be available for pre-purchases.

You may also use a credit card payment to pay for your shore excursions.

Whether to book in advance is each individual's decision

Online booking is the method that we advise

Waitlisted Shore Excursions

Receive a PDF file of all available shore excursions for a cruise

Cancelling pre-paid shore excursions once onboard
The cancellation period without penalty for shore excursions is 36 hours. If guests cancel within the 36 hour period they are charged 100% of the price. If shore excursions are purchased with credit card in advance either on the website or by other means and then cancelled once onboard outside of the 36-hour penalty period, then the credit card charges will be issued in the form of a cash-refundable shipboard credit, and will not be refunded to the credit card. If you cancel outside of the 36-hour penalty period and you used your shipboard credit, then the shipboard credit will be put back into your shipboard credit account. Shipboard credits are not redeemable for cash and must be used prior to voyage completion.

Please note: In order to ensure quality guides and sufficient transportation, Regent must provide the tour operator with guest counts at least 36 hours in advance. Therefore no refunds will be given within 36 hours of tour departure for cancellations or no-shows. Please pay special attention to scheduling and tour lengths when booking your shore excursions. In many cases, it is not possible to participate in more than one tour per day in a given port. Tours operate rain or shine. Tours require minimum participation levels to operate so please sign up as early as possible. Tours may be cancelled if minimum participation levels are not met. Prices, Itineraries and General Information shore excursion prices are subject to change to meet unexpected cost increases or currency fluctuations. The information provided here is current as of today. However, changes may occur before your scheduled departure. Please consult the Destination Services Desk onboard for information and current pricing. During local or national holidays, access to certain facilities (such as museums or archaeological sites) may be limited or denied. In such instances, adjustments will be made to minimize inconvenience to guests. Some tours have limited availability. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment. Also, please be considerate in notifying Regent if you do not plan to participate in a pre-booked free shore excursion, as someone may be waitlisted and they can clear your spot for someone else. Regent reserves the right to require guests to complete a liability waiver for select shore excursions.


IMPORTANT:  After making all of your selections, then a new button will appear underneath the "Select a port:" area. This button will say "Return to Summary". You must click this button and proceed to check-out in order to complete your transaction. The system will not save your selections, unless you complete this step. Additionally, you must be prepared to pay online via credit card for any excursions that require a paid supplemental charge or elect to use your shipboard credit should you have any available.

Step One: Click this link to go to directly to the My Account section of Regent's website.

Step Two: Create an online account by completing the required fields. Please write down your password selection for future use. Or if you already have an online account from a previous voyage, then sign-in to your existing account.


Step Four: Once you are in the Account, select your cruise under the My Upcoming Cruise area.

If your cruise does not appear, then add it to your Profile by entering the booking information by clicking the Booked Cruises button.


Step Five: Once you are within the Booked Cruise area for your upcoming cruise. The Shore Excursion link will be on the right-hand side. Click that link to access the Customize Your Voyage area.

Then, select the Customize button under the Shore Excursion area.

Then use the "Chose Port" drop-down list to view the available shore excursions for each day of your journey. If there is a charge for the shore excursion, it will be listed in the description of the excursion.

For your preferred excursion, tick the box for your choice of time and Add to Cart.

IMPORTANT: After making all of your selections, then click the View Cart or Checkout button at the bottom of the screen.

If you've only selected free choices, then it will show a $0.00 amount due.

If you've selected choice excurions and have shipboard credit, then it will automatically deduct the amount due from your available shipboard credit.

If you don't want to use your shipboard credit as payment, then click the Edit link under the amount shown and change it to $0.00 from your shipboard credit.

Step Six: Click the Proceed to Checkout button or the Submit My Payment button depending on action needed. If credit card payment is required, it will prompt you to enter the credit card information and click the black/white "Submit My Payment" button. Even if you've chosen only free excursions or your shipboard credit covers the entire amount due, you must hit the black/white "Submit My Payment" button to complete the transaction.

Step Seven: Check your email Inbox for confirmation of your transaction as you will receive a confirmation if you have entered your email address in the My Account area. If you don't receive email confirmation, then contact your Consultant to verify the transaction.

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The Regent Travel ConciergeTM
Personalized Travel At Legendary Levels

Regent is focused on personalized experiences that are relevant to each individual guest. That's why they created The Regent Travel Concierge, a collection of services and programs which opens up a world of unique, personal experiences with Concierge Choice tours on your cruise. And thanks to their unique partnership with Travel + Leisure, they have in-depth access to the latest local information, from the best shops to the hottest restaurants in town.

Enjoy access to a private art collection, for example, or an early entrance to a museum to avoid the crowds. Imagine taking an executive jet to the Taj Mahal complete with a private dinner at the palace in Jaipur. Or perhaps, you would enjoy a spectacular helicopter ride over the Amalfi Coast, topped off with lunch at the famed Grand Hotel Quisisana on Capri. View and experience the world with your very own private and customized shore excursion.

They can even custom-design individual events, such as a vintage sports car and private villa in Provence, or a personal shopper with back-door access to the exclusive couture houses in Milan. Or why not extend your vacation with a pre- or post-cruise hotel stay in one of the world's great cities and spend a few days seeing the sights.

Make your shore experiences truly one-of-a-kind by calling The Regent Travel Concierge at (888) TOUR - 321. Whether you have your own ideas that just need professional arranging, or you would like the Concierge to suggest something off the beaten track, we are here to assist you. In order to provide the best personal service, the Travel Concierge must speak with you directly to ascertain your specific needs. Therefore, initial contact must be by phone and not via email. There is a $100 non-refundable fee, per each port in which you request personalized service.

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