Sakkara | Cemetery for Memphis


Getting to Sakkara

Sakkara is close to the city of Memphis so these are both attractions you will see if you come to this area. This is a fascinating place. The area was the cemetery for the city of Memphis. There are many tombs, temples and some pyramids in this area. Much of the area is in ruins now but a great deal still remains.


The Tombs

Some of these are well preserved. I found all the various rooms and the walls telling stories fascinating. These tombs are quite different from those at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. There are many rooms and they feel more like houses than tombs. There are pictures here I did not see anywhere else, men force- feeding geese, cattle crossing a canal, men dragging a statue on a sled to the tomb. The walls told stories and our guide was wonderful at explaining what all the different pictures meant.

The Pyramids

The step pyramid (2650BC) is the oldest known pyramid in Egypt and the key attraction here. It is not possible to go inside the step pyramid. There are also many smaller pyramids in this area. The picture below shows how steep it was to go inside one of these pyramids.

In front of the step pyramid Entrance to a tomb Columns Entering a pyramid