Snorkling and Diving

Snorkeling is a highlight of the trip for those that enjoy this activity


Each island offers different snorkeling opportunities depending on the wildlife in the region. The Sea Lions will swim right up to you and look in your mask. The Penguins will be swimming around and the turtles will be plentiful. Snorkeling is really very special in the Galapagos.

The cruise ships we recommend offer complimentary snorkeling gear or rent for approximately $10 per person. Better yet, bring your own gear to ensure availability, quality and good fit.

January to May - the Wet Season

Recognize that the water is warmer and calmer during the wet season.

June to December - the Dry Season

Currents can be strong during the Galapagos dry season, and especially in August and September. You will probably need a lightweight wet suit for the Galapagos Islands. However, in August and September, a medium weight wet suit is sometimes preferable. There are noticeably more fish to observe during the dry season.

Diving and extended time snorkeling

Although the ships set aside time for passengers who wish to snorkel, if you want to do a lot of snorkeling or diving, there are Galapagos ships that emphasize those pursuits on equal footing with shore excursions.

Most snorkelers and divers consider the Galapagos Islands to be one of the world's best destinations. Popular spots include the Devil's Crown just off the island of Santa Maria (Floreana) where you snorkel and dive in a partially submerged volcano cone.