Galapagos Cruise | A Typical Day's Itinerary

A Galapagos Islands ship cruise requires some stamina, because you have an active schedule. Here's a typical 24 hour day. Any problems in basic walking ability could make a Galapagos trip a difficult challenge.

The walks ashore are not difficult or excessively hard but the surface is usually uneven and you must exercise caution. Stops are made all along the way to view wildlife and for your guide to explain aspects of the island you are visiting. See also, physical limitations.
Sturdy inflatable zodiacs ferry you between your cruise ship and the Galapagos shore. Some of your landings will be "dry", meaning you step out of the zodiac onto land. Other landings are "wet", meaning you step into shallow water (sometimes up to your knees) and wade to shore. Every now and then, your disembarkation point is rocky or slightly slippery.