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Dear Ngaire: Now that Carol and I are back home and recovered from the jet lag I thought I would drop you a note about how pleased we were with the entire experience. From our initial discussions where your extensive knowledge of So. Africa game parks helped me decide on the itinerary to your on-site escorting that allowed for a smooth relaxed experience of moving from point to point to the book received several months in advance about the trip that answered each and every question we had we could not be more pleased. The group on ROAR 2 was a large one (over 50 people I think) and to see how you managed this in such a seamless manner was a pleasure to observe. The fact that you are personally knowledgeable about each and every game park and have escorted many groups on similar South Africa trips is very apparent. I was especially impressed by the warm greetings from the management and staff you received at Birkenhead House and the game parks. Needless to say Carol and I are looking forward to our next trip to South Africa with you and Ken.

Ralph Webster

Dear Ngaire, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for arranging what turned out to be one of the best trips Steve and I have ever taken. This was our first time in South Africa and our expectations were high. At every step of the way those expectations were exceeded. Every hotel you recommended was extraordinary, each transfer and tour was prompt, informative and above all, easy. I never had to worry if someone would show up or if the excursion would prove worthwhile. Everything went like clock work. Normally, when I return from a trip I reflect on the highlights. In this case the entire trip was one long highlight. Our time in Cape Town at the Cape Grace was a pure delight just as you predicted. The Birkenhead House in Hermanus was one of the most special places we have ever stayed. Not only was the service and food top rate, but because you arranged for us to have room number 1, the best room in the house with never ending views of the ocean, our stay was even more spectacular. And what can I say about Singita that hasn't already been said. Just as you promised we were overwhelmed by the magnificence of the property, the friendliness and professionalism of the ranger and other staff and the awesome beauty of so many spectacular wild animals in their natural environment. Spending five days at Boulders and Sweni/Lebombo was not enough, but still life changing. Perhaps no matter how long you spend in the Bush, it will never be enough. I know Steve and I plan to return, again just as you predicted. Ngaire, it gives me great pleasure to tell you what a terrific job you did in helping us plan this adventure. I am certain that without your guidance it would not have been the same. You have our sincere appreciation.

Henry S.

— Palm Springs, California

We have just returned from a very memorable trip to South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. Our trip was planned and organized by BK Africa. This represented THE trip of a lifetime for us. Our expectations were quite high as was our anticipation. From the minute we arrived in Africa to the minute our plane landed back home, we were on an incredible journey! Our expectations were exceeded beyond our imagination. To our absolute delight, each and every day was another “special” unveiling of a fascinating new experience for us. Words just aren’t enough to express the beauty of this journey. At each transition, we were met and easily positioned for transporting to our next destination. BK Africa’s tour operator on site in Africa handled these arrangements without a hitch. We never had to question, worry, or even “think” about the details that were involved with transferring to our flights, train, boats, and land vehicles. All that was necessary for us to do was to be there on time and wear a smile! We have never been treated so grandly!! All of the above was certainly not possible without a lot of hard work on the part of the professionals at BK Africa. Many, many details had to be decided and put into the works. Timing was critical as there were many points where we were dependent upon being met by the tour operator’s guide. This went absolutely like clockwork. It was very important. One day, we were transitioning through 4 countries! We were met punctually by eight different guides who took very good care of us with refreshments, transportation, and good English skills. It involved land rovers, boats, & buses. It turned into quite an enjoyable, fun, and memorable day. Our professional at BKAfrica responded without hesitation whenever we contacted her during the planning stage. She had excellent knowledge of the areas where we were going to travel. Ngaire Keene believes strongly that BK Africa must have personal knowledge of the properties they recommend so that they can speak knowledgeably of the product. This particular attention to detail proved to be quite invaluable. BK Africa’s best asset is that they can recommend a safari location that suits your personal likes, needs, and expectations. Attention to detail was another impressive part of our experience with planning a trip through BK Africa. We were contacted in a timely way whenever there was a need for more information. And, certainly not least, whenever there was an opportunity to get a better price for some part of the trip, BK Africa was right on top of it. If it was possible to realize a lower pricing for the same product, they were on the job. It afforded us a lot of trust and comfort in knowing that BK Africa was acting as our agent for our benefit. We are already planning our next adventure with BK Africa and its parent company, Keene Luxury Travel. We highly recommend its services to anyone considering investing in a trip of a lifetime to Africa.

Don & Michele Dammeyer

Usually, I like to handle my own travel plans on land domestically and overseas without a middleman but I was having difficulty with our travel plans to South Africa. There are so many small planes used and so many different small camps that I became frustrated in waiting to get a response. Since I had used Ngaire for some past Radisson cruises she immediately came to mind as a viable choice to help us out. Not only is Ngaire knowledgeable but she is very efficient. She makes you feel like you are her only client. Ngaire has visited Africa numerous times and has first hand knowledge of the area and facilities available for all different price ranges. I would email Ngaire with suggestions and questions about the trip and she would usually answer me within a couple of hours. Our trip went very smoothly and it was a trip we will always remember. I would not hesitate to use Ngaire in the future and hope someday she will decide to handle China.

The Kneedy Family

Hello Ngaire, we have returned home safe and sound. I can hardly describe what a magnificent trip we had. It is such an extraordinary country, with such extraordinary people. The accommodations were perfect, as was the total organization of the trip. Your ears must have been burning, as we were singing your praises each and every day. We had no glitches, no problems and we have not a single complain. Thank you so much for your help in our excursion. We will be returning.

Janet Waters

"Ngaire, of BK Africa, planned our 17-day journey, with safari included, to Botswana and South Africa in April. She is the consummate professional. Every detail was attended to with efficiency and our travel arrangements were perfect down to the minutest detail. All of our questions were answered promptly and knowledgeably, and the whole trip went smoothly from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to anyone planning their dream sojourn to Africa."

Beth McCain

Our recent trip to Africa with Keene Luxury Travel was the trip of a lifetime. Before we left, every question we had (and we had plenty of them) was answered completely and promptly. The hotels, tours, transportation and all the other arrangements for the trip were perfect-- we traveled through most of southern Africa without a hitch. The one minor Visa problem we had in Zambia was handled by Ngaire before we even had a chance to get stressed--now that's service! It's so great to travel with confidence, knowing that everything is taken care of -- what a great way to vacation! Ngaire, thanks for a fantastic trip.

Jerry and Peggy Wolf

We compliment and recommend BK Africa to anyone considering a trip to either Africa or Egypt. Our journey to Zambia, South Africa and Botswana sparkled, thanks to great advice up-front and strong execution by BK and their agents on the ground.

The trip entailed safari camp stops, side trips to see the Cape of Good Hope, Capetown, the townships and communities in South Africa that continue to be home to many of South Africa’s residents. The meals were excellent and the shopping options very interesting and abundant in Capetown. We have rarely been able to see so many parts of a country on holiday. It was fascinating, to say the least. It was sobering to realize just how many steps were involved to make our dream trip happen. The folks on the ground were professional, cheerful, welcoming and helped us to feel most comfortable no matter where we went.

We asked many, many questions before, during and after our trip. Importantly, people responded promptly at every stage of the trip. We found knowledgeable, personalized advice that was well suited to our situation and to our goals for the trip. The trip was excellent value for the overall cost of the tour.

We, too, are planning another adventure with BK Africa to enjoy a cruise on the Nile. We have also had the pleasure of enjoying Regent Cruises booked through Keene Luxury Travel Travel. The services of BK Africa were certainly up to the same high standard we’ve enjoyed with our cruises. Thanks again with our cruises. Thanks again to all of the B&K team for putting this effort together for us.

Anne Drennan and Gary Kohler

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